Dutch Animation at Annecy 2022

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Annecy Festival 2022 is here! The 46th of edition Annecy International Film Festival has a total of 10 Dutch (co-)productions in its line-up. This selection includes two projects that are being pitched at the Mifa, the international market of the festival.

We present you the Showreel Dutch Animation at Annecy 2022 and below you will find the complete screening schedule of (co)-productions from the Netherlands at the festival. Stay tuned to our website for updates regarding Annecy, including interviews with Dutch animation professionals.

For more information on Dutch animation professionals, festivals and organisations check the updated Dutch Animation Industry Guide here.

Feel free to read our interviews with: Adriaan Lokman (Director), Joost de Vries (Producer at An Original Picture), Michiel Snijders (Producer at il Luster Films)Francesco Siddi (Producer at Blender Studio). Janneke van de Kerkhof (Producer at Submarine) and Britt Raes (Director Luce and the Rock).

The Dutch delegation to Annecy is organized by SEE NL in collaboration with Netherlands Audiovisual Producers Alliance (NAPA), Kaboom Animation Festival and Cinekid.

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