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Go Short 2024: The Dutch Line-up

Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen is taking place April 3 to 7

Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, the annual short film festival held in the Netherlands, has recently announced its selection for the 16th edition. A total of 25 Dutch short films have been selected, spread over three competitions: the European Competition, the Dutch Competition and the Music Video Competition. The winning films of both International and Dutch competition also qualify for the Oscars.

Still: Grandmamauntsistercat - Zuza Banasińska

Dutch Competition
For the Dutch Competition, Go Short selected 20 films that comprise the best of homegrown cinema. These highly rated films, ranging from animation to fiction to documentary compete for the VEVAM prize for the best Dutch film. VEVAM is the copyright organization for directors of film and television works in the Netherlands. Take a look at all the films in the Dutch competition here.

European Competition
The selection for the European competition consists of 46 films made by makers from all over Europe. The highly rated films are eligible for Best European Short in the fiction, documentary and animation categories. Among these are 3 Dutch (co)productions; Pigeons are dying, when the city is on fire by Netherlands based Greek director Stavros Markoulakis, Wander to Wonder* by Nina Gantz (prod. Circe Film and Kaap Holland Film) and Beautiful Men* by Nicolas Keppens (NL co-prod Ka-Ching Cartoons).  

Music Video Competition
 These selected music videos deserve to be seen on the big screen, in the best possible quality and with compelling sound. The selected music videos are eligible for the Best Music Video. This year’s selection consists of 13 cinematic music videos, including 2 from the Netherlands: Talk to Me Again… by Teemong and Doktor Civanım by Ömer Deniz.

Out of Competition
In several programs out of competition you can also find a plethora of Dutch works. That Which Is to Come is Just a Promise by Flatform, Heat by Thessa Meijer and Never Forget by Sarah Veltmeyer in the Heat Waves program. Metabolism by Misho Antaze, Our Ark by Deniz Tortum and Katheryn Hamilton and Birth of Light by Jasmijn Schröfer in the Current Issues program. Beş by Ayla Çekin Satijn in the European Audience Favorites program. And Hi! by Narjes Mohammadi and Hajar Mehrani, Nelson the Piglet by Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden, Roco & Noï by Nadia Shah and Mandy Shah, The Curse of Camp Nightmare by Matthijs van Esveld in the Go Shorty! Program.

Industry program
Parallel to the festival program Go Short offers a Professionals Program, a lively, international melting pot where the most experienced professionals and starting-out, enthusiastic newcomers can meet each other. There are many different activities during the Professionals programme: from networking events to workshops, and from parties to market screenings. During these activities, the newest developments in the industry are addressed and big themes are made more legible.

For more information about Go Short International Short film Festival Nijmegen, click here.


*Film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund

Year: 2024