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Dutch films at Oscar Qualifying Kaboom Animation Festival

Kaboom Animation Festival is taking place from April 5 - 14

Kaboom Animation Festival is just around the corner with a program packed with animation in all forms and shapes. SEE NL highlights all Dutch productions in this year’s program, a program that explores the theme of home in animation.

Still: I'm Perfectly Fine - Dario van Vree

This year is also a special occasion as it is the first time that Kaboom Animation Festival will be an ACADEMY AWARD® Qualifying Festival. This means that from now on the winners of the Official Kaboom Competition, in the categories Best Short Film and Best Dutch Professional Short, are automatically eligible to enter the ACADEMY AWARD® Short Film competition. This is an important recognition because every year these two winning films will get the chance to be qualified for an OSCAR®. SEE NL talked to Kaboom’s artistic director Aneta Ozorek about this great achievement in an interview you can find here.

Another celebratory fact is the presentation of Paul Driessen’s autobiography Life in Cartoons at the festival. Driessen, the award-winning director, animator and cartoonist is the recipient of over 50 prizes and an Academy Award nomination in 2000 for 3 MissesSEE NL talked with the master animator about his work and the autobiography, you can find the full interview here.

Dutch films in the Official selection

Features in competition
Mechanisms Common to Disparate Phenomena: #59 (Joost Rekveld)

Dutch Shorts in competition
Find an overview of all Dutch shorts in the Dutch competition here

International Shorts in competition
Box Cutters* (Naomi van Niekerk)
I’m perfectly Fine: Burnout Diary* (Dario van Vree)
Beautiful Men* (Nicolas Keppens)
Is Heaven Blue? #2 (Paul en Menno de Nooijer)

VR in competition
Flow VR* (Adriaan Lokman)
Caves (Alex Raúl)
The Imaginary Friend* (Steye Hallema)
Let Nature Heal (Jacco Kooijstra)

Short Docs in competition
Swimming with Wings* (Daphna Awadish)

Commisioned Shorts in competition
Playgrounds In Motion: 2023 London Titles (Erwin van den IJssel) 
War Child (Ozge Tigli Tasli, Ozgur Can Alkan)
Unique Together (Lena Kadriye Ziyal)

Poetry in Motion competition 
Preoperational Model* (Philip Ullman)

Bonkers Shorts competition
Three Cookie Bakers: The Musical (Tom Schrooten) 

Shorts for Kids in competition
King Sausage* (Mascha Halberstad)

Focus and theme programs

Welcome Home – theme program
The Killing of an Egg (Paul Driessen)
Slippery Slope (Karin Wiertz en Jacques Verbeek)

Kaboom Classics: Paul & Menno de Nooijer

Paul Driessen: My Life in Cartoons
Focus program and presentation of Paul Driessen’s autobiography Life in Cartoons 

Like Little Lightning Bolts: Gina Kamentsky's Favorites
Cat’s Amore (Martha Colburn)

Here, Queer and Totally Sincere
Dearly Departed (Gabriella Lichtneker)
Outside The Lines (Stan Oversteegen)
Melk (Niek de Leeuw)
Coming Home (Britt Planken) 

Uncanny with Kenzie
Next Please (Eva Bonnevits)

In Memoriam: Evert de Beijer

Find more info on Kaboom here.


*Film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund

Year: 2024