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Red Fried District

2' Dir. Flip van der Kuil · Stephan Miras Prod. Storm Post Production Sales. SND Films

Red Fried District

Flip van der Kuil · Stephan Miras

In a snack wall of a snackbar, a young, naive croquette has to compete with an experienced, bitchy cheese soufflé to persuade a hungry customer that she’s the most tasty snack, with the ultimate goal of being eaten.

Main Category: Animation · Short
Original Film Title: Red Fried District
Production Year: 2021
Running Time: 2
Original Language: No spoken language
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Animation · Comedy
Animation Technique: 3D CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)
Main Production Company: Storm Post Production
Main Production Company Website: https://stormpostproduction.com/
Sales Agent: SND Films
Sales Agent Phone: +31 204 040 707
Sales Agent E-mail: info@sndfilms.com
Sales Agent website: https://www.sndfilms.com/
Festival distribution Company Name: Kaboom Distribution
Festival distribution Company E-mail: ursula@kaboomfestival.nl