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125' Dir. Monique Nolte Sc. Monique Nolte Prod. Doclines


Monique Nolte

Struggling with her absent father and a psychologically damaged mother, an intelligent girl (12) must choose between herself and her parents.

Nikki (12) has lots of potential but her path to a bright future is jeopardized by her mother, a woman with borderline personality disorder, and her absentee father who struggles with addiction and whose occasional reappearances severely disrupt Nikki's mental state. Her graduation at high school is bittersweet. With a diploma that doesn’t reflect her potential, and showing signs of mental issues herself, Nikki is far from out of the woods. Will she follow in her mother’s footsteps?

Main Category: Documentary · Kids & Youth
Original Film Title: Nikki
English Film Title: Nikki
Production Year: 2022
Running Time: 125
Original Language: Dutch
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Documentary
Director: Monique Nolte
Filmography Director: a.o. A BITTERSWEET TEMPTATION (2007, feature), ONLY THE BEST FOR OUR SON (2014, doc).
Screenwriter: Monique Nolte
Camera: Joost Hoozemans · Rogier Timmermans
Main Production Company: Doclines
Main Production Company Phone: +31 6 5060 3334
Main Production Company E-mail: info@doclines.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.doclines.nl