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99' Dir. Mikko Myllylahti Prod. Aamu Film Company (FI) NL Co-prod. Keplerfilm Sales. Totem FIlms

The Woodcutter Story

Mikko Myllylahti

Pepe is a woodcutter in an idyllic small town in Finland. In the span of a couple of days, a series of tragic events gradually destroys his quiet and happy life - but Pepe seems to be fine with it all. As if he held a secret to existence that is hard to grasp.

Dutch Minority Production: Keplerfilm
Main Category: Feature Film
Original Film Title: Metsurin Tarina
English Film Title: The Woodcutter Story
Production Year: 2022
Running Time: 99
Original Language: Finnish
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Black comedy · Drama
Director: Mikko Myllylahti
Main Production Company: Aamu Film Company (FI)
Co-production company: Keplerfilm
Sales Agent: Totem FIlms