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Sunshine Motel

2021 / 7' Dir. Rosita Wolkers Sc. Rosita Wolkers Prod. BIND

Sunshine Motel

Rosita Wolkers

Seven-year-old Rose is on holiday with her mother when she wakes up alone in the Sunshine Motel. Rose tells herself that this will be a memorable holiday. With or without her mother.

A short drama film about seven-year-old Rose who is left alone by her mother during their summer holiday. A film about a child's longing for a sunny holiday; swimming in the ocean, eating ice cream and going to the kids disco. When Rose wakes up to discover that she has been left alone, she tries to enjoy her day. Even without her mother. But can she keep up that illusion? When the night falls, she makes a rigorous decision.

Main Category: Kids & Youth · Short
Expected Completion: June 2021
Original Film Title: Sunshine Motel
Production Year: 2021
Running Time: 7
Original Language: Dutch
Colour / B&W: Colour
Director: Rosita Wolkers
Debut Status: 1st or 2nd Short
Filmography Director: First film
Screenwriter: Rosita Wolkers
Camera: Abel van Dijk
Cast: Lola van Zoggel
Main Production Company: BIND
Main Production - Person(s): Denise van den Hoek
Main Production Company E-mail: denisevdhoek@gmail.com
Main Production Company Website: http://www.bindfilm.com/
Festival distribution Company E-mail: rosalien@bindfilm.nl