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Cool Abdoul

2021 / 100' Dir. Jonas Baeckeland Prod. Potemkino (BE) NL Prod. Beluga Tree (BE) · N279 Entertainment

Cool Abdoul

Jonas Baeckeland

Ismail Abdoul, a young and promising boxer, gets more and more entangled within a web of disastrous choices. Ultimately, his biggest fight will be against himself.

Main Category: Feature Film
Expected Completion: March 2021
Original Film Title: Cool Abdoul
English Film Title: Cool Abdoul
Running Time: 100
Original Language: Dutch · Flemish · French
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Crime Film · Drama
Director: Jonas Baeckeland
Main Production Company: Potemkino (BE)
Co-production company: Beluga Tree (BE) · N279 Entertainment