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2020 / 85' Dir. Eché Janga Sc. Eché Janga · Esther Duysker Prod. Keplerfilm Sales. Picture Tree International


Eché Janga

BULADÓ tells the magical-realistic and heartwarming story of a small family in the countryside of Curaçao. As the different mentalities of rational father Ouira and spiritual grandfather Weljo start to clash, eleven-year-old Kenza is determined to find her own path into adult life.

Kenza (11) lives in a house on a salvage yard together with her father Ouira, her grandfather Weljo and stray dog Tjenko. The two men in her life are opposites: her father is a police officer and a rational man, while her grandfather favours the spiritual world connected to the history of the islands. Kenza hovers in-between these two worlds until the sadness about the loss of loved ones, opens her eyes and she becomes receptive to the mystical, comforting traditions of her grandfather.

Main Category: Feature Film · Kids & Youth
Expected Completion: September 2020
Original Film Title: Buladó
English Film Title: Buladó
Running Time: 85
Original Language: Dutch · Papiamento
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Drama
Major topic: Human interest
Director: Eché Janga
Debut Status: 2nd Feature
Filmography Director: a.o. HALLALI (2019, TV film), LE COUP (2015, short), HELIUM (2014, feature) Festivals and Awards: a.o. IFF Rotterdam, Mannheim-Heidelberg FF, Golden Calf Awards for Best Camera and Best Music-Netherlands FF, DER KAISER (2014, short) Festivals: a.o. Oberhausen Short FF, Aspen Colorado Short FF, 3rd Prize-Cairo IFF, STOCKHOLM (2012, TV film), FOR OBSERVATION (2011, short), MO (2010, short).
Screenwriter: Eché Janga · Esther Duysker
Camera: Gregg Telussa
Cast: Everon Jackson Hooi · Felix de Rooy · Tiara Richards
Main Production Company: Keplerfilm
Main Production - Person(s): Derk-Jan Warrink · Koji Nelissen
Main Production Company Phone: +31 20 737 0608
Main Production Company E-mail: hello@keplerfilm.com
Main Production Company Website: www.keplerfilm.com
Sales Agent: Picture Tree International
Sales Agent Phone: Ph: +49 30 4208 2480
Sales Agent E-mail: pti@picturetree-international.com
Sales Agent website: www.picturetree-international.com