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When You Hear the Divine Call

2020 / 25' Dir. Festus Toll Prod. [boondocs]

When You Hear the Divine Call

Festus Toll

Moral questions and the search for identity come together in this short documentary about what ‘home’ means as an halve European, halve African child.

By combining old and new footage Festus Toll(We Will Maintain, IDFA 2017) explores his bicultural identity in an experimental and essayistic way. The film balances between the Netherlands and Kenya, fear and hope, failure and happiness, homelessness and home, what others make of you and who you really are.

Main Category: Documentary · Experimental Film · Short
Expected Completion: 01-10-2020
Original Film Title: When You Hear the Divine Call
English Film Title: When You Hear the Divine Call
Running Time: 25
Original Language: Dutch · English · Swahili
Colour / B&W: Colour
Major topic: BIPOC
Director: Festus Toll
Filmography Director: We Will Maintain, graduation short, 2017
Main Production Company: [boondocs]
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