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All We Imagine As Light

2024 / 120' Dir. Payal Kapadia NL Co-prod. BALDR Film

All We Imagine As Light

Payal Kapadia

When you try to imagine light, you cannot...

In Mumbai, Nurse Prabha's routine is troubled when she receives an unexpected gift from her estranged husband. Her younger roommate, Anu, tries in vain to find a spot in the city to be intimate with her boyfriend. A trip to a beach town allows them to find a space for their desires to manifest.

Dutch Minority Production: BALDR Film
Main Category: Feature Film
Expected Completion: 2024
Original Film Title: All We Imagine As Light
English Film Title: All We Imagine As Light
Production Year: 2024
Running Time: 120
Original Language: Hindi · Malayalam
Genre: drama
Director: Payal Kapadia
Main Production Company: Petit Chaos
Co-production company: Another Birth (IN) · Arte France (FR) · BALDR Film · Chalk and Cheese · Les Films Fauves (LU) · Pulpa Films (US)