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The Last Ride of the Wolves

2022 / 81' Dir. Alberto de Michele Sc. Alberto de Michele · Simone de Rita Prod. Halal (NL)

The Last Ride of the Wolves

Alberto de Michele

Pasquale organizes his last big heist but is unaware this is not the only robbery that is taking place.

Based on a true crime, Pasquale, an old crook who lost his fortune gambling, organises his last big heist, reuniting The Wolves, a gang of North-Italian fairground operators who moonlight as thieves. The robbery of a money truck transporting 12 million euros in cash could be a good pension for everybody and secure the legacy of their old-school craftsmanship. However Pasquale is unaware that this is not the only robbery taking place.

Original filmtitle: L’Ultima Corsa dei Lupi
English Title: The last Ride of the Wolves
Director: Alberto de Michele
Completion date: Jan 2022
Running time (in minutes): 81
Colour / Black & White: Colour
Genre: Drama
Main Category: Feature Film
Original Language: Italian
Screenwriter: Alberto de Michele · Simone de Rita
Camera: Ton Peters
Cast: Alberto de Michele · Pasquale de Michele
Filmography director: a.o. I LUPI (2010, short) Award: UIP Prix-IFF Rotterdam.
Main Production Company: Halal (NL)
Main Production company person: Christine Anderton · Gijs Kerbosch
Main Production Company Phone: +31 20 639 1402
Main Production Company E-mail: christine@halal.amsterdam
Main Production Company Website: www.halal.amsterdam
Co-production company: Jolefilm (IT)