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110' Dir. Margarida Cardoso Sc. Margarida Cardoso NL Co-prod. BALDR Film


Margarida Cardoso

In 1907 Doctor Afonso arrives on Principe Island to cure the plantation slaves of Banzo, the deep sense of melancholy and nostalgia which is leading to their death by starvation and suicide.

In 1907, Alonso arrives on Prince’s Island, where he has been tasked with treating a group of workers plagued by a mysterious affliction called banzo, also known as slave nostalgia. Those affected feel an intense homesickness, fall into apathy, lose the strength to live, and eventually die. Alonso slowly discovers that it is not enough to treat the physical symptoms; he must understand the soul of those who have been uprooted. The oppressive atmosphere of the isolated tropical island forms the backdrop for a story from the dark colonial past in which humanity is put to the ultimate test. Banzo is also a reminder that there is more than one way to interpret the past, and that behind every story is a person telling the story.

Dutch Minority Production: BALDR Film
Main Category: Arthouse · Feature Film
Original Film Title: Banzo
Production Year: 2024
Running Time: 110
Original Language: Portuguese
Director: Margarida Cardoso
Screenwriter: Margarida Cardoso
Main Production Company: Uma Pedra No Sapato
Co-production company: BALDR Film · Les Films de l’Après-Midi (FR)