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Sihja, the Rebel Fairy

2020 / 90' Dir. Marja Pyykkö Sc. Jenni Toivoniemi · Kirsikka Saari Prod. Tuffi Films NL Prod. Windmill Film

Sihja, the Rebel Fairy

Marja Pyykkö

A story of an unconventional fairy and an eccentric boy who overcome their own fears and obstacles in order to save nature.

Sihja is a young, charming and a little outrageous fairy, who leaves her forest home. In the city, she meets a sensitive new friend Alfred (11). Sihja loves the newly found organized urban shapes and orderly habits that humans have. They bond quickly and have a lot of fun, until one day dead birds appear on the city streets. The smelly fertilizer factory could be the culprit, but when Sihja reveals her uncontrolled fairy powers, people begin to be weary of her. Alfred and Sihja must find out what is threatening nature. With clever and brave investigation, they manage to prevent an environmental disaster. Thanks to Alfred, Sihja learns to use her super power and to apologise, while Alfred finds confidence to stand up for himself.

Main Category: Feature Film · Kids & Youth
Expected Completion: end 2020
StickerTekst: Family
Original filmtitle: Sihja, the Rebel Fairy
English Title: Sihja, the Rebel Fairy
Running Time: 90
Original Language: Finnish
Colour / B&W: Colour
Director: Marja Pyykkö
Filmography director: Yösyöttö 2017 Village People 2013 Run Sister, Run! (Sisko tahtoisin jäädä) 2010
Screenwriter: Jenni Toivoniemi · Kirsikka Saari
Camera: Remko Schnorr
Cast: Eero Ritala · Elena Leeve · Elina Patrakka · Elmer Bäck · Justus Hentula · Paola Bärlund · Pirjo Lonka
Main Production Cie.: Tuffi Films
Co-production company: Windmill Film
Sales Agent: Dutch Features
Sales Agent Phone: +31 23 888 0168
Sales Agent E-mail: jacqueline@dutchfeatures.com
Sales Agent website: www.family.dutchfeatures.com