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2022 / 15' Dir. Joost Jansen Sc. Joost Jansen · Steven Dhoedt Prod. Visualantics (BE)


Joost Jansen

DRIFTER, a metaphorical journey of human wandering.

Planet Earth, a timeless future. As a child, DRIFTER dreamt of becoming an astronaut and now, as an adult, it seems he has made his dream come true. Every day, he shuttles back and forth between earth and space to carry out his daily tasks. Together with many others, in the rhythm of the great stream, he has become a prisoner of the mantra of construction, of the constant compelling demand for more and better. One day disaster strikes. DRIFTER becomes detached from his station and is launched into deep-space. Kept alive by a mysterious green liquid, an amniotic fluid for deep-space disasters, DRIFTER embarks on an endless drift throughout the universe. At first, he is petrified. The universe is vast and overwhelming. But gradually, DRIFTER resigns himself to his fate. Far away from his daily routine, his view of everything and himself changes. With no other choice, he lets go of things in order to continue his drift full of wonder. Freed from time and space, DRIFTER is confronted with the void. When the futility of his existence forces him to leave behind dead weight, impending illusions are broken.

Main Category: Animation · Short
Expected Completion: August 2022
Original Film Title: Drifter
Production Year: 2022
Running Time: 15
Original Language: Dutch · English
Colour / B&W: colour
Animation Technique: 2D Drawn
Animation Remarks: Live action composites
Director: Joost Jansen
Filmography Director: A BATTLE FOR PEACE (2014, short animation)
Screenwriter: Joost Jansen · Steven Dhoedt
Main Production Company: Visualantics (BE)
Main Production - Person(s): Steven Dhoedt
Main Production Company Phone: +32 (0)2 361 51 65
Main Production Company E-mail: stephen@visualantics.net
Main Production Company Website: www.visualantics.net
2nd Main Production : Serious Film
Festival distribution Company Name: Kaboom Distribution
Festival distribution Company E-mail: ursula@kaboomfestival.nl