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2021 / 30' Dir. Amir Karagic Prod. Sprezzatura Films


Amir Karagic

A timid Amsterdam coffee shop owner is forced to face the truth about who he thinks he is when his reckless business partner and girlfriend's abusive ex back him into a corner.

Main Category: Short
Expected Completion: June 2021
Original filmtitle: Redrum
English Title: Redrum
Production Year: 2021
Running Time: 30
Original Language: Dutch · Arabic
Colour / B&W: Colour
Director: Amir Karagic
Filmography director: STALEMATE (2017, graduation film).
Main Production Cie.: Sprezzatura Films
Main Production company person: Amir Karagic
Main Production Company Phone: +31 6 1402 8690
Main Production Company E-mail: amir@iamsprezzatura.com
Main Production Company Website: www.iamsprezzatura.com
Co-production company: Phenomena Productions (UAE) · Tulsa Studios