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10 Songs For Charity

2021 / 120' Dir. Karin Junger Sc. Brigit Hillenius · Karin Junger Prod. De Productie

10 Songs For Charity

Karin Junger

A film musical telling the story of two undocumented sisters who endure hardships, exploitation, and humiliation through song.

Beaten and hardened by life in a Nigerian ghetto, Charity leaves for Europe to work as an illegal prostitute. She is saddled with her younger sister Happy, whom she ruthlessly initiates into the world of prostitution. Happy resists her fate, jeopardizing Charity's dream of becoming rich. Together with other unregistered women they endure hardship, exploitation and humiliation with resilience and song, until one day it all becomes too much and they revolt, singing their fury from the rooftops.

Main Category: Feature Film
Expected Completion: January 2021
Original Film Title: 10 Songs For Charity
English Film Title: 10 Songs For Charity
Running Time: 120
Original Language: Dutch · English
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Drama · Musical
Director: Karin Junger
Filmography Director: a.o. SEXY MONEY (2013, doc), A BETTER LIFE (2008, doc), BOLLETJES BLUES (2006, feature), GREAT! (2003, short) Awards: a.o. Silver Bear-IFF Berlin, MAMA BENZ & THE TASTE OF MONEY (2001, doc), GOD IS MY CO-PILOT (2000, doc), CHICKIES, BABIES & WANNABIES (1999, doc).
Screenwriter: Brigit Hillenius · Karin Junger
Camera: Danny Elsen
Cast: Ijeoma Grace Adu · La Baby Jacqueline Morales · Morganna Love Aleizah · Omoteniola Famodimu · Shirma Rouse
Main Production Company: De Productie
Main Production - Person(s): Annemiek van Gorp · René Goossens
Main Production Company Phone: +31 6 5151 3744 / +31 6 1453 5162
Main Production Company E-mail: info@deproductie.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.deproductie.nl
Co-production company: Minds Meet
Sales Agent: m-appeal
Sales Agent Phone: +49 30 6150 7505
Sales Agent E-mail: berlinoffice@m-appeal.com
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