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Rules of War

58' Dir. Guido Hendrikx Sc. Guido Hendrikx · Victor de Kok Prod. Lemming Film

Rules of War

Guido Hendrikx

In South Sudan, soldiers put down their weapons and break bread with a curious stranger.

The lands of South Sudan have witnessed unceasing violence, from Anglo-Egyptian colonial suppression through today's civil war. Guido Hendrikx's curious observational documentary studies an outsider named Albert as he crosses the inlands of this beautiful, wounded country in a speedboat. Employed by a European humanitarian organization, Albert comes with a mission: to teach this country's fighting soldiers the Rules of War. Developed during the Geneva Conventions, these Rules intend to protect soldiers and civilians against inhumane treatment. Armed with his own military experience, his steadfast determination, and a set of miniature figurines, Albert earnestly delivers his pitch to exhausted young soldiers. Misunderstandings surface again and again in this hyper-masculine space, but by and large, all parties are determined to get something, anything out of the exchange.

Original filmtitle: Rules of War
English Title: Rules of War
Director: Guido Hendrikx
Production Year: 2022
Running time (in minutes): 58
Colour / Black & White: Colour
Genre: Documentary
Main Category: Documentary
Major topic: Army and weapons
Original Language: English · Dinka · Nuer · Shilluk
Screenwriter: Guido Hendrikx · Victor de Kok
Camera: Emo Weemhoff
Filmography director: Rules of War - 2022 - Mid Length. A Man And A Camera - 2021 - Feature. Stranger In Paradise - 2016 - Debut feature. Among Us - 2014 - Short documentary. Escort - 2013 - Short documentary.
Main Production Company: Lemming Film
Main Production company person: Erik Glijnis · Leontine Petit
Main Production Company Phone: +31 20 661 0424
Main Production Company E-mail: info@lemmingfilm.com
Main Production Company Website: www.lemmingfilm.com
2nd Main Production Company (i.a.): Aventura
Co-production company: VPRO (NL)