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73' Dir. Ekaterina Selenkina Sc. Ekaterina Selenkina


Ekaterina Selenkina

A sprawling meditation on the choreography of bodies in Moscow’s urban landscape, DETOURS depicts a new way of dealing illicit drugs via the dark web, the layering of physical and virtual realities, as well as a reflection on the poetics and politics of space. Taking place in sleepy neighbourhoods, among the concrete walls of high-rises, behind garages and amidst abandoned railroads, the film alternately follows and loses track of Denis, the “treasureman” who hides stashes of drugs all over the city.

Main Category: Feature Film
Original Film Title: Obkhodniye puti
English Film Title: Detours
Production Year: 2021
Running Time: 73
Original Language: Russian
Colour / B&W: Colour
Filmography Director: 2019 Fossil Falls – author, co-director with Alexey Kurbatov, editor – 5 min 2017 Storge – writer, director – 30 min
Screenwriter: Ekaterina Selenkina
Camera: Alexey Kurbatov
Main Production Company Phone: +79636593400
Main Production Company E-mail: studio@vladimirnadein.com
Main Production Company Website: www.vladimirnadein.com
Co-production company: Dutch Mountain Film