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Summer Brother

100' Dir. Joren Molter Sc. Britt Snel Prod. Family Affair Films

Summer Brother

Joren Molter

As Brian (13) cares for his severely mentally disabled brother over a sweltering summer holiday he is forced to grow up, and finds unexpected love and affection.

Brian and his father Maurice live in a shabby mobile home park. When the care institution offers a financial fee if they will take care of Brian's severely mentally disabled brother Lucien over the summer holiday, Maurice immediately agrees. Brian takes on the care of Lucien, and they slowly become real brothers. But as matters escalate between Maurice and his creditors, the mobile home is no longer a safe place for Lucien, so Brian is forced to make an adult decision.

Main Category: Arthouse · Feature Film
Original Film Title: Zomervacht
English Film Title: Summer Brother
Production Year: 2023
Running Time: 100
Original Language: Dutch
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Drama · Feature Film
Director: Joren Molter
Debut Status: 1st Feature
Filmography Director: KIND (2018, short), DÒST (2018, TV film), IN KROPSDAM IS IEDEREEN GELUKKIG (2016, short).
Screenwriter: Britt Snel
Camera: Sam du Pon
Cast: Isabelle Kafando · Jarne Heylen · Joël in 't Veld · Micha Hulshof
Main Production Company: Family Affair Films
Main Production - Person(s): Floor Onrust
Main Production Company Phone: +31 20 707 0713
Main Production Company E-mail: info@familyaffairfilms.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.familyaffairfilms.nl
Co-production company: Polar Bear