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When the Shot

2021 / 5' Dir. Ana Bravo Pérez Sc. Ana Bravo Pérez

When the Shot

Ana Bravo Pérez

Memory and landscape become one in the scars of violence that cross people’s existence and connection with the Earth.

When the shot connects life and death with a character that travels between present and childhood, sailing obscure waters and hiking trees’ wrinkles. Shot in s8mm, 16mm and digital video, the film drags us in by situating individual memories in fractured landscapes, impossible to recognize yet familiar. The film is a journey where differente cinematic formats take us beyond stories of violence to immerse us in sensorial experiences.

Original filmtitle: When the Shot
Director: Ana Bravo Pérez
Completion date: September 2021
Production Year: 2021
Running time (in minutes): 5
Colour / Black & White: Colour
Main Category: Experimental Film · Short
Original Language: English
Screenwriter: Ana Bravo Pérez
Camera: Ana Bravo Pérez · Mikko Keskiivari
Filmography director: WHEN THE SHOT (2021, short), THE WOMAN WITH A SUITCASE (2019, short), REC.CALLING (2019, short), I WAS IN THAT MEETING (2018, short), MIGRATING FILM (2015-2018, short), ABOUT BOATS, TRIPS AND GLIMPSES OF BEAUTY (2015, short).
Main Production company person: Ana Bravo Pérez · Joram Kraaijeveld
Main Production Company E-mail: anabrape@gmail.com
Main Production Company Website: https://anabravoperez.com/