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2002 / 8' Dir. Adriaan Lokman Prod. il Luster Films


Adriaan Lokman

Barcode is a road movie through an abstract virtual world. Travelling over and through landscapes, the spectator is taken through a play of light and shade. Sometimes the light moves freely, then it is collected, reflected or transformed. The shadows lengthen and crawl together. Quick lamps make stroboscopic effects, race through curves and settle down. In the end, the afterimage fades out and the spectator blinks.

Original filmtitle: Barcode
Director: Adriaan Lokman
Completion date: 2002
Production Year: 2002
Running time (in minutes): 8
Colour / Black & White: B/W
Genre: Animation
Animatie Techniek: 3D CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)
Main Category: Animation · Short
Original Language: No spoken language
Filmography director: All short animation: Flow (2019) Barcode III.0 (2013) Chase 3D (2012), Chase (2012) Forecast (2006) Barcode XL (2003, performance) Shredder (2002) Dicht/Vorm - “Trainspotting” (2002), Barcode (2001) Nature Trail (1993), Ultimatum (1992).
Main Production Company: il Luster Films
Main Production company person: Michiel J. Snijders
Main Production Company Phone: +(31) 06 24 12 82 00
Main Production Company E-mail: info@illuster.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.illuster.nl