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Radio Freedom

2020 / 19' Dir. Bafl Sarhang · Ismar Vejzovic Sc. Bafl Sarhang · Ismar Vejzovic Prod. YadMedia

Radio Freedom

Bafl Sarhang · Ismar Vejzovic

A ham radio operator's desperate struggle for survival in a besieged town.

RADIO FREEDOM explores the life of a disillusioned ham radio operator in a besieged town. His quest for survival leads him through the devastated town where he unexpectedly receives help from a boy with a bicycle. Once confronted with the fact that not everyone is against the war but for some it is rather a lucrative business, he returns to the improvised radio station where he connects his fellow citizens with their loved ones outside the war torn town. The tension subsides with every call made until a mysterious woman steps forward and asks to make a quick call out of turn. Upon hearing woman's harrowing conversation, he grasps the futileness of it all and faces a deadly dilemma.

Main Category: Short
Expected Completion: 2020
Original Film Title: Radio Sloboda
English Film Title: Radio Freedom
Running Time: 19
Original Language: Bosnian
Colour / B&W: B/W
Genre: War Film
Major topic: Human rights · Politics · War and conflict
Filmography Director: Radio Freedom (2020) Ameen (2018)
Screenwriter: Bafl Sarhang · Ismar Vejzovic
Camera: Alen Alilovic
Cast: Alban Ukaj · Alija Tokic · Faketa Salihbegovic Avdagic · Mario Knezovic · Mugdim Avdagic · Tarik Dzinic · Zana Marjanovic
Main Production Company: YadMedia
Main Production - Person(s): Bafl Sarhang
Main Production Company Phone: 0031642106487
Main Production Company E-mail: bafl@me.com
Co-production company: realstage
Festival distribution Company Name: Premiere Film
Festival distribution Company E-mail: premierefilmdistribution@gmail.com