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It's Nice In Here

15' Dir. Robert-Jonathan Koeyers Sc. Robert-Jonathan Koeyers Prod. Valk Productions Sales. SND Films

It's Nice In Here

Robert-Jonathan Koeyers

A fragmented portrait of a moment, a person, and a place, seen through the subjective memories of a young Black girl, Imani, and a rookie police officer, David, who both have wildly different recollections of the same faithful moment in a corner store that will leave their lives altered forever.

Original filmtitle: It's Nice In Here
Production Year: 2022
Running time (in minutes): 15
Colour / Black & White: Colour
Genre: Animation · Drama
Main Category: Animation · Short
Original Language: English
Screenwriter: Robert-Jonathan Koeyers
Cast: Anka Ferris · Henry Brinkerhoff · Kevin Strickland
Filmography director: HERE: A VISUAL POEM (2019, graduation short)
Main Production Company: Valk Productions
Main Production company person: Richard Valk
Main Production Company E-mail: info@valkproductions.com
Main Production Company Website: http://www.valkproductions.com
Sales Agent: SND Films
Sales Agent Phone: +31 204 040 707
Sales Agent E-mail: info@sndfilms.com
Sales Agent website: www.sndfilms.com
Festival distribution Company Name: Kapitein Kort
Festival distribution Company E-mail: info@kapiteinmedia.nl