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Turn Your Body to the Sun

2021 / 95' Dir. Aliona van der Horst Sc. Aliona van der Horst Prod. Stichting Docmakers

Turn Your Body to the Sun

Aliona van der Horst

A daughter attempts to retrace her father’s steps against the backdrop of the Second World War and the dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler.

A daughter searches for her father’s past in this poetically crafted film, set against the backdrop of World War II and the dictatorships of Hitler and Stalin. Sana Valiulina’s father Sandar was a Red Army soldier who was taken prisoner in Nazi Germany, a fate he shared with five million others. After the war, back in Stalin's Soviet Union, he was sentenced to ten years in a Gulag camp for betraying his country. There he began receiving letters from a young girl, which helped him survive.

Main Category: Documentary
Expected Completion: January 2021
Original Film Title: Turn Your Body to the Sun
English Film Title: Turn Your Body to the Sun
Running Time: 95
Original Language: Dutch · English · Russian
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Documentary
Major topic: History
Filmography Director: a.o. LOVE IS POTATOES (2017, doc) Festivals and Awards: a.o. Jury Award & Honorary Mention Dokleipzig, Golden Calf Award Best Feature Doc Netherlands FF, Grand Prix Artdocfest Moscow, 15 Attempts (2013, mid-lentgh doc). DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER (2013, doc), WATER CHILDREN (2011, doc).
Screenwriter: Aliona van der Horst
Camera: Rogier Timmermans
Main Production Company: Docmakers
Main Production - Person(s): Ilja Roomans
Main Production Company Phone: +31 6 4823 3390
Main Production Company E-mail: info@docmakers.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.docmakers.nl