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Easter Eggs

2020 / 15' Dir. Nicolas Keppens Prod. Animal Tank (BE)

Easter Eggs

Nicolas Keppens

In Easter Eggs two teenagers are looking for something extraordinary in an ordinary village. They try to catch an exotic bird that escaped from a Chinese restaurant.

Main Category: Animation · Short
Expected Completion: November 2020
Original Film Title: Easter Eggs
English Film Title: Easter Eggs
Running Time: 15
Original Language: Flemish
Colour / B&W: Colour
Animation Technique: 2D Drawn
Director: Nicolas Keppens
Main Production Company: Animal Tank (BE)
Main Production - Person(s): Brecht van Elslande
Main Production Company E-mail: brecht@animaltank.be
Main Production Company Website: www.animaltank.be
Co-production company: Ka-Ching Cartoons · Miyu Productions (FR)
Sales Agent: Miyu Distribution
Sales Agent E-mail: luce@miyu.fr
Sales Agent website: www.miyu.fr/distribution
Festival distribution Company Name: Miyu Distribution
Festival distribution Company E-mail: luce@miyu.fr