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Don't Get Too Comfortable

2021 / 10' Dir. Shaima Al-Tamimi Prod. No Production Company

Don't Get Too Comfortable

Shaima Al-Tamimi

Shaima Al-Tamimi shares an introspective letter to her deceased grandfather reflecting on her ancestral migrational journey and its implications over 3 generations.

‘Don’t Get Too Comfortable’ is a heart felt introspective letter to my deceased grandfather. The letter questions the continuous pattern of movement amongst Yemenis in diaspora. The film fuses archival photographs, sourced footage, parallax animation, abstract videos to create an audio visual body of work that calls attention to the collective feeling of statelessness and sense of being felt by Yemeni (or non Yemeni) migrants.

Main Category: Documentary · Short
Expected Completion: August 2021
Original Film Title: Don't Get Too Comfortable
Production Year: 2021
Running Time: 10
Original Language: English · Arabic · Swahili
Genre: Documentary
Director: Shaima Al-Tamimi
Debut Status: 1st or 2nd Short
Main Production Company: No Production Company
Main Production - Person(s): Mayar Hamdan
Main Production Company Phone: +1 661 855 5674
Main Production Company E-mail: mayarhamdan23@gmail.com
Main Production Company Website: www.mayarhamdan.com