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Lessons for Luca

2021 / 87' Dir. Salvador Gieling Sc. Salvador Gieling Prod. Witfilm

Lessons for Luca

Salvador Gieling

A Cuban farmer gets a six-year sentence for selling his own cow. In this family saga a personal story is inseparably intertwined with the greater Cuban history.

Belga and Salvador (a Cuban mother and a Dutch father and filmmaker) undertake the impossible by trying to explain their 2-year-old son Luca the absurd story of his Cuban uncle Ezequiel, who has been sentenced to six years in prison for selling his own cow. They travel to the remote village of Sibanicú in the heart of Cuba, where Ezequiel's criminal case and the intimate story of Belga’s family turn out to be the result of the greater Cuban history.

Original filmtitle: La Educación de Luca
English Title: Lessons for Luca
Director: Salvador Gieling
Completion date: 2021
Production Year: 2021
Running time (in minutes): 87
Colour / Black & White: Colour
Genre: Documentary
Main Category: Documentary
Original Language: Spanish
Screenwriter: Salvador Gieling
Camera: Salvador Gieling
Filmography director: THE DEATH OF ANTONIO SANCHEZ LOMAS (2019) As co-director and DOP (feature length documentary) IDFA, Thessaloniki International Film Festival DE ILIAS (2018) Director, (short fiction) WHERE CROWS WEEP (2017) Director, (short fiction) JUST OUTSIDE OF TABERNAS (2016) Director, DOP (short documentary) MEN OF THE FINAL HOUR (2015) Director (short fiction) TWO BIRDS (2014) Director (short fiction)
Main Production Company: Witfilm
Main Production company person: Boudewijn Koole · Iris Lammertsma
Main Production Company Phone: +31621284160
Main Production Company E-mail: iris@witfilm.nl
Main Production Company Website: https://witfilm.nl/