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Seahorse Parents

2024 / 10' Dir. Miriam Guttmann Sales. SND Films

Seahorse Parents

Miriam Guttmann

Did you know there is only one male species on Earth that can get pregnant? In the short documentary "Seahorse Parents" four (soon to be) transgender parents share their personal stories of what carrying their future children as transgender males has been like. The short documentary explores social themes like gender and identity and confronts us with our rigid ideas of what constitutes female and what constitutes male. What is a pregnant body 'supposed' to look like? How do these pregnant trans bodies move in a prejudiced world? And what are their hopes and dreams for their future children?

Main Category: Documentary · Short
Expected Completion: 2024
Original Film Title: Seahorse Parents
Production Year: 2024
Running Time: 10
Original Language: Dutch · English
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Documentary
Major topic: LGBTIQ+
Director: Miriam Guttmann
Debut Status: 1st or 2nd Short
Filmography Director: SEEDS OF DECEIT (graduation short doc, 2021)
Main Production - Person(s): Miriam Guttmann
Main Production Company Website: https://www.miriamguttmann.com/
Sales Agent: SND Films
Sales Agent Phone: +31 20 404 0707
Sales Agent E-mail: info@sndfilms.com
Sales Agent website: www.sndfilms.com