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Along the Way

80' Dir. Mijke de Jong Sc. Jan Eilander · Jolein Laarman · Mijke de Jong Prod. BALDR Film

Along the Way

Mijke de Jong

A story of two young twin sisters on their way to Europe.

On the border of Turkey and Iran, 19-year-old twin sisters Zahra and Fatimah from Afghanistan lose their family. To survive in a hostile world of smugglers and drug dealers, they must face choices and dilemmas that severely test their symbiotic relationship… and their conscience.

Original filmtitle: Along the Way
Director: Mijke de Jong
Production Year: 2022
Running time (in minutes): 80
Colour / Black & White: Colour
Genre: Drama
Main Category: Feature Film
Original Language: Persian (Farsi)
Screenwriter: Jan Eilander · Jolein Laarman · Mijke de Jong
Camera: Ton Peters
Cast: Malihe Rezaie · Nahid Rezaie · Sina Nazari
Filmography director: a.o. GOD ONLY KNOWS (2019, feature), LAYLA M. (2016, feature) Festivals and Awards: a.o. Frits-Gerlich Prize, Toronto IFF, BFI London, Jeonju IFF, Rio de Janeiro IFF, Tallinn Black Nights FF, STOP ACTING NOW (2016, feature), FRAILER (2014, feature), JOY (2010, feature) Awards: a.o. Golden Calves Best Feature and Best Script Netherlands FF, KATIA'S SISTER (2008, feature) Awards: a.o. Golden Calf Best ScrIpt Netherlands FF, Youth Jury Award Special Mention Locarno IFF.
Main Production Company: BALDR Film
Main Production company person: Frank Hoeve · Katja Draaijer
Main Production Company Phone: +31 20 303 2670
Main Production Company E-mail: info@baldrfilm.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.baldrfilm.nl
Co-production company: Heretic · HUMAN · VPRO