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The Kyiv Files

2023 / 79' Dir. Walter Stokman Sc. Walter Stokman

The Kyiv Files

Walter Stokman

The Ukrainian KGB archive, full of observations, is open to the public. How does one react when they discover the state has been watching them for years?

In Ukraine, the Soviet KGB archive, filled with observation reports, is now accessible to the public. What happens when you discover years of state surveillance? A Ukrainian woman, a Dutch spy, and a French tourist are confronted with their own file. It reveals a time when the paranoia of the Soviet regime penetrated deep into personal lives. Through the stories we are reminded of the importance of transparency, accountability, and the protection of individual rights in any society.

Main Category: Documentary
Expected Completion: September 2023
Original Film Title: The Kiev Files
English Film Title: The Kyiv Files
Production Year: 2023
Running Time: 79
Original Language: Dutch · English · French · Russian · Ukrainian
Major topic: History · Human rights
Director: Walter Stokman
Filmography Director: a.o. SCENA DEL CRIMINE (2010, doc), ASH WORLDWIDE SUICIDE (2002, short doc), CAN'T U HEAR ME SINGIN' (1997, doc), LET ME HAVE IT ALL - SLY STONE (1993, doc).
Screenwriter: Walter Stokman
Main Production Company: Zeppers Film & TV
Main Production Company Phone: +31 20 675 8594
Main Production Company E-mail: info@zeppers.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.zeppers.nl