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Close to Vermeer

75' Dir. Suzanne Raes Sales. Deckert Distribution

Close to Vermeer

Suzanne Raes

In the run-up to the largest Vermeer exhibition ever, a cast of curators and experts set out in search of what makes a Vermeer truly Vermeer.

With the largest Vermeer exhibition ever set to be mounted at the Rijksmuseum, a cast of Vermeer enthusiasts and experts deploy the latest techniques to determine what makes a Vermeer truly Vermeer. But even with the latest high-end technics one can never be sure. New discoveries and passionate opinions are still capable of rousing the emotions.

Main Category: Documentary
Original Film Title: Dicht bij Vermeer
English Film Title: Close to Vermeer
Production Year: 2023
Running Time: 75
Original Language: Dutch · English · German
Genre: Documentary
Director: Suzanne Raes
Filmography Director: a.o. TWO MEN (2022, doc) ), HEART OF DEMOCRACY (2020, doc), GANZ; HOW I LOST MY BEETLE (2019, doc), MS (2019, doc) Festivals & Awards: IDFA, Grand Prix, Student Award and ADAV Award- Pariscience, 0,03 SECONDS (2017,doc ), QUID PRO QUO (2015, doc ) Award: Golden Calf Netherlands FF, BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT - COME CLOSER (2015, doc) Award: IDFA Music Audience Award, THE SUCCESSOR OF KAKIEMON (2012, doc) Festivals: a.o. IDFA.
Main Production Company: Docmakers
Main Production - Person(s): Ilja Roomans
Main Production Company Phone: +31 6 4823 3390
Main Production Company E-mail: info@docmakers.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.docmakers.nl
Sales Agent: Deckert Distribution
Sales Agent Phone: +49 341 215 6638
Sales Agent E-mail: info@deckert-distribution.com
Sales Agent website: www.deckert-distribution.com