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The Invasion

2024 / 145' Dir. Sergei Loznitsa Sc. Sergei Loznitsa

The Invasion

Sergei Loznitsa

10 years after the release of his epic film MAIDAN, Sergei Loznitsa resumes his Ukrainian chronicles by documenting the country’s struggle against the Russian invasion. Shot over a 2-year period, the film portrays the life of the civilian population all over Ukraine. THE INVASION presents a unique and ultimate statement of Ukrainian resilience in the face of barbaric invasion. In the second part of his Ukrainian diptych, Loznitsa paints a monumental canvas of a nation determined to defend its right to exist.

Main Category: Documentary
Expected Completion: 2024
Original Film Title: The Invasion
English Film Title: The Invasion
Production Year: 2024
Running Time: 145
Colour / B&W: colour
Genre: Documentary
Director: Sergei Loznitsa
Screenwriter: Sergei Loznitsa
Camera: Evgeny Adamenko · Piotr Pawlus
Main Production Company: Atoms & Void
Main Production - Person(s): Maria Choustova · Sergei Loznitsa
Main Production Company E-mail: contact@atomsvoid.com
Main Production Company Website: www.instagram.com/atomsvoidfilms/ - www.facebook.com/atomsvoidfilms/
Co-production company: Arte France (FR)