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120' Dir. José Miguel Ribeiro Prod. Praça Filmes (PT) NL Co-prod. il Luster Films Sales. Urban Distribution International


José Miguel Ribeiro

Angola. Three generations of women plagued by the civil war, Lelena (the grandmother), Nayola (the daughter) and Yara (the granddaughter). A painful secret, a reckless search, a combat song. A suspended love, an initiatory journey, a tragic swoop.

Dutch Minority Production: il Luster Films
Main Category: Animation
Expected Completion: 2022
Original Film Title: Nayola
English Film Title: Nayola
Production Year: 2022
Running Time: 120
Genre: Animation · Drama
Main Production Company: Praça Filmes (PT)
Co-production company: il Luster Films
Sales Agent: Urban Distribution International
Sales Agent Phone: +33 1 4870 4656
Sales Agent E-mail: udi@urbangroup.biz
Sales Agent website: www.urbandistrib.com