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Little Ox

2021 / 11' Dir. Patrick Vandebroeck · Raf Wathion Sc. Patrick Vandebroeck · Raf Wathion Prod. Wenneker.be Sales. SND Films

Little Ox

Patrick Vandebroeck ยท Raf Wathion

The hard existence and survival in nature determines our story.

A young muskox migrates with a small herd through the cold barren tundra. For the hungry young ox the rules of conduct are difficult to fathom. His mother does her best to take care of him. During their journey the herd gets attacked by a pack of wolves, who are after Little Ox.

Dutch Minority Production: Serious Film
Main Category: Animation · Short
Expected Completion: June 2021
Original Film Title: Little Ox
English Film Title: Little Ox
Production Year: 2021
Running Time: 11
Original Language: No spoken language
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Animation · Short
Animation Remarks: 3D animation
Major topic: Nature and environment
Filmography Director: LITTLE OX (2021, Animated Short, Directed by Raf Wathion & Patrick Vandebroeck ), THE GAP (2017, Animated Short, Created by Raf Wathion, Directed by Patrick Vandebroeck), DAY 6011 (2013, Animated Short, Directed by Raf Wathion)
Screenwriter: Patrick Vandebroeck · Raf Wathion
Main Production Company: Wenneker.be
Main Production - Person(s): Mirjam de Vreese
Main Production Company Phone: + 32 479 20 53 43
Main Production Company E-mail: mirjam.devreese@wenneker.be
Main Production Company Website: www. wenneker.be
Sales Agent: SND Films
Sales Agent Phone: +31 6.5495.5266
Sales Agent E-mail: sydney@sndfilms.com
Sales Agent website: www.sndfilms.com
Festival distribution Company Name: Kaboom Distribution
Festival distribution Company E-mail: ursula@kaboomfestival.nl