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Luce and the Rock

2022 / 13' Dir. Britt Raes Prod. Thuristar (BE) NL Co-prod. Studio Pupil Sales. Miyu Distribution

Luce and the Rock

Britt Raes

Luce and the Rock is the story of two friends who, although they seem to have nothing in common, end up facing their fear of the unknown together.

Luce lives a happy life in a peaceful little village, together with Mom and the Villagers. Every day is the same, and that’s the way everyone likes it. The only thing that scares Luce is the dark – but luckily her little lightsticks keep her safe! One day a giant Rock Creature disturbs the quiet life in the village. He destroys all the houses including Luce’s! Luce is angry and determined to take the Rock Creature back to his home. But the Rock might have more in common with Luce than she first thought…

Original filmtitle: Luce and the Rock
English Title: Luce and the Rock
Director: Britt Raes
Completion date: January 2022
Production Year: 2022
Running time (in minutes): 13
Colour / Black & White: Colour
Animatie Toelichting: 2D Digital
Main Category: Animation · Kids & Youth · Short
Original Language: English
Filmography director: LUCE AND THE ROCK (2022,, short animation), CATHERINE (2016, short animation), CHILD’S PLAY (2013, short animation), THE LAST PIECES (2011, short doc), HOMEMADE (2011, graduation short animation), I LIKE BIRD (2009, student short animation).
Dutch Minority Prod. Cie.: Studio Pupil
Main Production Company: Thuristar (BE)
Main Production company person: Perrine Gauthier
Main Production Company Website: http://thuristar.com/
Co-production company: Studio Pupil
Sales Agent: Miyu Distribution
Sales Agent E-mail: luce.grosjean@miyu.fr
Festival distribution Company Name: none