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The Museum Visits a Therapist

2021 / 19' Dir. Mirjam Linschooten · Sameer Farooq

The Museum Visits a Therapist

Mirjam Linschooten · Sameer Farooq

Navigating the imperial roots of the Tropen museum through a therapy session.

This film navigates the history of violence, religion and trade that shaped the Tropen museum collection — Amsterdam’s museum of ethnography. With a focus on repair and restitution, the film asks: What if the museum visited a therapist?

Original filmtitle: The Museum Visits a Therapist
English Title: The Museum Visits a Therapist
Completion date: September 2021
Production Year: 2021
Running time (in minutes): 19
Colour / Black & White: Colour
Main Category: Documentary
Major topic: Arts and culture · History
Original Language: Dutch
Filmography director: Mirjam Linschooten: I’VE ALREADY BECOME AN IMAGE (2017, experimental short), TIEN VRAGEN (2005, short doc); Sameer Farooq: THE SILK ROAD OF POP (2014, doc) Awards: Best Canadian Film Toronto Reel Asian International FF, Audience Award CinemAsia FF, Echoes of the Earth Award Rhode Island International FF, I WANT TO GROW OLD IN CHINA (2008, doc) Awards: Special Jury Award/Golden Panda Sichuan FF, IN BETWEEN THERE WERE CITIES (2005, short doc).
Main Production Company E-mail: mlinschooten@gmail.com
Main Production Company Website: mirjamlinschooten.com