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Master of Light

Dir. Rosa Ruth Boesten Sc. Rosa Ruth Boesten

Master of Light

Rosa Ruth Boesten

Through art, classical painter George Anthony Morton heals the traumas of his childhood.

George Anthony Morton is a classical painter who spent ten years in federal prison. While incarcerated, he nurtured his craft and unique artistic ability. Since his release, he is doing everything he can to defy society's unlevel playing field and tackle the white-dominant art world. Now, he is on a journey back to his hometown of Kansas City, where he tries to heal the broken relationship with his mother and meanwhile shines a bright light on racial injustice and intergenerational trauma.

Main Category: Documentary
Expected Completion: 2021
Original Film Title: Master of Light
Production Year: 2021
Running Time: 84
Original Language: English
Colour / B&W: Colour
Genre: Documentary
Director: Rosa Ruth Boesten
Screenwriter: Rosa Ruth Boesten
Main Production Company: One Story Up
Main Production Company Phone: .+1 91 7724 3009
Main Production Company E-mail: anousha@onestoryupproductions.com
Main Production Company Website: https://onestoryupproductions.com/projects/master-of-light/
2nd Main Production : Stichting Docmakers